D . K . M . C . Neighborhood Watch Program

Recently in the neighborhood around the Morgan Ave L train stop, young artists (cracker ATMs) have been coming under fire from local teens from Bushwick Houses and elsewhere who see them as easy targets for iphones and Apple computers.

Now your first thought is probably, “awesome! F those hipsters in the A!” Yes, we all know the easy target that is hipsterdom, but we’ve moved on from hating on hipsters haven’t we? We need to come together and watch one anothers backs.

So the D.K.MC. has started a neighborhood watch program to watch the backs of those whose backs are unwatchable. We provide escorts free of charge to protect our neighbors walking home from the subway or the store in exchange for beer or cigarettes or just the joy and satisfaction that comes along with being a good neighbor and ensuring that you get home safe (HJ's are also accepted).

We can also provide safe rides to and from the city on our bikes (provided we can link up your schedule with the schedule of a DK member).

Just email to set up an appointment.

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